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Chaos, Solitons and Fractals, 2009; 40(1):426-431.

The lacet: a new type of the spiral wave behavior

A.V. Moskalenko*), Yu. E. Elkin**) ***)

*)Institute for Theoretical & Experimental Biophysics RAS

**)Institute of Mathematical Problems of Biology RAS

***) Pushchino Branch of the Moscow State University

We found a new type of spiral wave behavior in a homogeneous two-dimensional autowave medium. At that regime, the spiral wave tip motion transforms from two-periodic meander into one-periodic circular rotation due to spontaneous deceleration of spiral wave drift. This discovery might be useful for insight into the nature of different phenomena, and, in particular, for comprehension of some potentially life-threatening cardiac arrhythmias.

Keywords: mathematical modeling, excitable media, spiral waves, meander, lacet

Available by DOI link:

See also: Elkin Yu. E., Moskalenko A.V., Starmer C.F. The spontaneous halt of spiral wave drift in homogeneous excitable medium, Proceedings of the 1th International Conference on Mathematical Biology and Bioinformatics - ICMBB06, Pushchino, Russia, p.42-43, 2006.