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Biofizika, accepted on 25 Nov 2006. Rejected.

About dependence of the ECG properties on the excitation threshold

A.V. Moskalenko*), Yu. E. Elkin**) ***)

*)Institute for Theoretical & Experimental Biophysics RAS

**)Institute of Mathematical Problems of Biology RAS

***) Pushchino Branch of the Moscow State University

We have studied the dependence of some ECG characteristics on the threshold of excitation by means of mathematical modeling cardiac arrhythmia in a homogeneous two-dimensional excitable medium when the threshold of excitation is higher than its normal value. We proposed the technique for determination of the excitation wave circulation type by single ECG lead. The dependence of the ECG properties on the threshold of excitation was found, that enables to assess the risk of the polymorphic arrhythmia based on the meander of the excitation wave.

Keywords: polymorphic ventricular arrhythmia, excitable media, meander, variability of ECG, mathematical simulation, ANI-method